Let’s Go!

For the past month I’ve been spending almost all of my free time working on Unity tutorials. I’ve been having a lot of fun learning the basics of the Unity engine and how to navigate the UI. I started with a SAMS book, Unity in 24 Hours, and then moved on to the Udemy Ultimate Guide to Unity tutorials.

One of the unsatisfying things about these books and tutorials is that you download a bunch of assets, prefabs and sprites that do all of the art and animation work for you. You are basically doing high-level assembly, which is neat because you get to make something that feels polished quickly, and learn how to use the IDE. However, I was left with the distinct feeling that I wasn’t that much closer to making my own games from scratch.

I’m not super worried about getting adept with C# or the Unity API. My next step will be trying a few art and animation classes, so I can move beyond using the standard assets. First up is a Coursera class called Pixel Art for Video Games, where I plan to learn how to make asset packs and sprite sheets for 2D games. I’ll post my coursework and experiments here.

Let’s go! 😊