Now available from Meatfreezer Apps, MyWork is an iOS app that provides a kanban-style interface to Pivotal Tracker.

What is kanban you ask? Kanban is very simple way to manage a bunch of tasks. Everything goes into three categories: unstarted, in-progress, and done.

Traditionally in kanban, we want to be actively doing as few things at the same time as possible. The idea is to complete a large, complicated project by focusing your attention on bite-sized chunks of it, one chunk at a time.

MyWork provides a convenient, touch-based interface to perform these kan-ban tasks quickly and easily.

Swipe to start or finish a task:

MyWork for Pivotal Tracker images/swipe.gif

Tap to get details:

MyWork for Pivotal Tracker images/tap.gif

Pinch to change focus:

MyWork for Pivotal Tracker images/pinch.gif

Pivotal Tracker is a great tool for project managers, but the Tracker interface is much more complex than this simple “what do I have to do right now” kind of interface. MyWork attempts to solve this problem for you. It will be available on the app store soon.

Get started with MyWork by downloading it from the iOS App Store today.