New Project: A DIY Mobile Phone

I’ve started working on a new Meatfreezer Labs project, a DIY mobile phone. I love the idea of carrying around a powerful computer in my pocket. My cell phone, however, fails to live up to that idea. Smartphones are closed gardens, and are largely passive consumption devices. To steal Bruce Sterling’s terms, phones are more “well behaved appliances” than “platforms for self expression.” I don’t want a TV in my pocket, I want a linux hotrod that I hot-wired up myself.

New Job, at iNaturalist/Cal Academy

I’ve got a new job! This change has been in development for a while, and my first official day was last month, but due to prior vacation plans and such, I feel like I’m only really starting now. I’m working for iNaturalist, which is now a part of California Academy of Sciences. iNat is a social network for nature lovers, where you can record your observations of nature and learn about nature.

My First Indiegogo Campaign!

I’ll write a more detailed post about this later, but I’m really excited so I wanted to put a quick note up here tonight. I made my first indiegogo campaign tonight. Indiegogo, if you don’t know about it, is kind of like Kickstarter except focused on the arts. Both indiegogo and Kickstarter are crowd-funding platforms, places where people like you or me can ask the world for help funding our personal projects.

My Boyfriend was an 8-bit Stalker

My Boyfriend Was An 8-bit Stalker is an Artist’s Book. I made it in a bookmaking class taught by Charles Hobson and Macy Chadwick at SFAI in the Fall of 2012. The book has an augmented reality component. When viewed through an iPhone camera using an app that I developed, some pages display additional 3d modeled figures.

Fear of Fog

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Fear of Fog is an experiment in geocaching, virtual reality and story-based gaming. It was developed by Alex Shepard while a graduate student at San Francisco Art Institute. Fear of Fog is a role-playing/adventure game that takes place in the city of San Francisco, California, USA. It is inspired by, and an homage to, the role playing games that I played with my brother on our Apple //c in the 1980s, and by the text-based MUDs and MUSHes that I found on the Internet in the 1990s.

Broken Links

Fixing broken links and images today. Also, updating to show recent work!

San Francisco Secrets

San Francisco Secrets is an artists book. I made it in the bookmaking class taught by Charles Hobson and Macy Chadwick at SFAI in the Fall of 2012. The book is enclosed in a box which is locked from the inside. The lovely Erika demonstrates how to unlock and open the box in this video.

Playing with Arduino

I ordered an Arduino Uno from Adafruit last week, and it arrived on Thursday. I’ve been playing with it pretty much nonstop since then. I’ve also been to Radio Shack twice and Fry’s once, and have gone on to place online orders at Mouser Electronics (diodes and transistors) and All Electronics (solenoids). The Adafruit kit included a protoshield which needs soldering, so I busted out a soldering iron for the first time since I was in grade school.

Studio Night

In anticipation of a relaxing weekend celebrating Halloween San Francisco-style, I’ve been busting my ass in the studio trying to get some work done ahead of a crit and a tutorial visit next week. Here are some recent sketches and in-progress proofs of prints.

Studio Visit with Aaron Terry

Aaron Terry, aka Urban Yeti, stopped by my studio today to look at my work and give me some feedback. Aaron taught one of my classes last year, when I was a post-bac, called Art of the Street. It was a political/postering/propaganda class, half art history and half print studio. The Halo/Wikileaks (also seen on Boing Boing and Kotaku) and Assange/Biggie work I did last year was either an assignment for his class or in response to issues brought up in his class.