Broken Links

Fixing broken links and images today. Also, updating to show recent work!

Playing with Arduino

I ordered an Arduino Uno from Adafruit last week, and it arrived on Thursday. I’ve been playing with it pretty much nonstop since then. I’ve also been to Radio Shack twice and Fry’s once, and have gone on to place online orders at Mouser Electronics (diodes and transistors) and All Electronics (solenoids). The Adafruit kit included a protoshield which needs soldering, so I busted out a soldering iron for the first time since I was in grade school.

Studio Night

In anticipation of a relaxing weekend celebrating Halloween San Francisco-style, I’ve been busting my ass in the studio trying to get some work done ahead of a crit and a tutorial visit next week. Here are some recent sketches and in-progress proofs of prints.

Studio Visit with Aaron Terry

Aaron Terry, aka Urban Yeti, stopped by my studio today to look at my work and give me some feedback. Aaron taught one of my classes last year, when I was a post-bac, called Art of the Street. It was a political/postering/propaganda class, half art history and half print studio. The Halo/Wikileaks (also seen on Boing Boing and Kotaku) and Assange/Biggie work I did last year was either an assignment for his class or in response to issues brought up in his class.

Blogging Workshop Continued

Today was the second day of the blogging workshop at SFAI led by Goeff Manaugh from BLDGBLOG. We started by winding back through some of the financial implications of blogging on those trying to make a living by writing. Having worked for Getty Images a long time ago, I was interested in the comparison between the changes in the writing industry that are happening now and the way that the professional stock photography industry changed in the last 10 years.

Branding, Social Media, and Blogging

Social media evangelists (Christ Brogan, Mashable, etc) talk about about building a personal brand. I think this comes from the fact that they see their product as their online persona. Their primary platforms are tools for the construction of online identity. Blogging presumably allows more distance: I’m sure Geoff Manaugh, for example, would claim a more nuanced and complicated identity than what can be gleaned from reading BLDGBLOG. His product is his thinking and his writing, packaged in the blog format, rather than his online identity itself.

Back to Blogging

I’m participating in a blogging workshop at SFAI this weekend. The workshop is being led by Geoff Manaugh of BLDGBLOG. Today’s session started with some history of BLDGBLOG, then Geoff offered a compelling perspective on the tradition that blogging falls into: zines, religious and political printmakers and rabble rousers, prophesies, samizdat, and other forms of self publishing. Next we covered some formal practicalities surrounding blogging: server platforms, commenting, images, revenue, schedules, etc.