I ordered an Arduino Uno from Adafruit last week, and it arrived on Thursday. I’ve been playing with it pretty much nonstop since then. I’ve also been to Radio Shack twice and Fry’s once, and have gone on to place online orders at Mouser Electronics (diodes and transistors) and All Electronics (solenoids).

The Adafruit kit included a protoshield which needs soldering, so I busted out a soldering iron for the first time since I was in grade school. I put one of the capacitors in the shield upside-down, so it looks a little funny, but it all works. :)

I managed to find a 4051 multiplexer on my trip to Fry’s (no shift registers, sadly) and I built this to experiment with it:


The Arduino cycles through the 4051, powering up and down each LED in turn. The potentiometer (dial) controls the rate at which the Arduino cycles through the LEDs.

If you’ve got sharp ears you might notice my studio mate blasting Sinead O’Conner.

I feel a wee bit guilty spending so much time this week screwing around with electonics and the Arduino instead of printing or working on my video game stuff, but I’m enjoying it and I’m sure it’ll bear some fruit in some project or another.