100 Days of Swift!

I want to get back into Swift development for work this year, and it’s also useful for game development since I’m mostly interested in iOS game dev anyways. I’ve done some exploring recently with Unity + ARKit and Unity + Google Cardboard for VR, but I’d also like to experiment with Swift for ARKit in the next few months.

Anyways, in order to more formally structure getting back into Swift development, I’m using Paul Hudson’s excellent 100 Days of Swift project. I’ve read a few of his books and took a workshop from him at Forward Swift a few years ago, which helped me get the confidence to make the few apps that I’ve shipped to the App Store that use Swift: Seek (V1) and MFArtist

I’ll be going back to basics for the 100 Days of Swift, which is fine because in the first day I already learned to pretty basic things that I didn’t know before. First, I was vaguely aware of Swift’s multi-line string syntax, but I didn’t know how they worked. I especially like that you can format strings in multi-line style to keep code width down without adding line breaks to the string:

let myStr = """
 This is formatted over \
 multiple lines in the \
 code, but will have no \
 line breaks at runtime.

Another thing that was new to me is using underscores to demarcate thousands in numbers for legibility to humans:

let pi = 3.141_592_653
var californiaPopulation = 40_017_007

That was my first 30 minutes. With my second 30 minutes I’m going to start working on getting MFArtist up-to-date with the latest Swift.