Accessibility Challenges

Posted on Sun 22 August 2021 in swift

Another day of 100 Days of SwiftUI wrapped up today. I'm at day 75, and I'm already starting to think about what to work on next. I'm trying to decide between Tensorflow, SpriteKit & Metal, or maybe ARKit. I suppose I need to learn all 3 to get where I'm going, so I should just pick one and dive in. I'll get the most mileage for work out of a Tensorflow challenge, but I think I'll get the furthest drawing-wise out of a SpriteKit & Metal one.

The accessibility challenges were pretty simple today, except that the Xcode Beta has clobbered accessibility labels and values for Stepper. I continue to be a little baffled by Paul saying "accessibility works best if it's baked in from the beginning and not an afterthought," but then teaching accessibility in a section where we go back and add accessibility to prior projects, which is the definition of afterthought.

Today's image is from yet another moire sketch, from the Generative Design book. This time adding blend modes to make it more interesting.

Noisy Drag Moire