Swift Review, Day 2

On the second Swift language review day of 100 Days of Swift, I can honestly say that I don’t think I really learned anything new, but I did start thinking about a topic that’s probably going to want its own blog post at some point: when to use optional chaining vs when to use explicit […]

Swift Review, Day 1

I thought going back through all of these base features of Swift would be a bore, but it was quite fun. And despite this being the nth time I was going over this stuff, I still learned a few new things. First, I didn’t realize that if you want an initialize an array of type […]


Whew, I’m running a little behind. It’s Tuesday, and I’m just now writing the recap for the work that I did yesterday. Yesterday, I caught up and wrote a recap of the work from Sunday. My goal for the night is to recap yesterday and today’s work, so that I’m back on track for the […]

Protocols & Extensions

Yesterday I worked through the protocols & extensions section of 100 Days of Swift. I stayed up a little late to finish reading a new book, so today I’m catching up on my writing. I discovered a few things yesterday only via the tests, which was kinda neat. For example, I didn’t know that a […]


Yay, I’m 10% done with 100 Days of Swift! Today was all about classes, and once again I learned a few new things. One thing I’d never explicitly thought about was that the automatic member-wise initializer in Swift structs isn’t available in Swift classes. Another thing that I theoretically knew about, but hadn’t ever used […]