Structs, Part 2

Another day, another day of 100 Days of Swift. This morning I finished off the section on structs, and once again I learned a few new things. First of all, lazy properties were kinda new to me. I had heard about them, but I don’t think I remember ever using them. Let’s take a look. […]

Structs, Part 1

Hey guys, it’s Alex! Another 100 Days of Swift blog post, this morning I was working through Day 8, Structs part 1. Once again I was aware of the basics of structs, having used them quite a bit, but I still learned a bunch from today’s exercises. The first thing that was new to me […]

Closures, Part 2

I’ve done a full week of 100 Days of Swift, which means I’m 7% of the way done, right? Today was more brain twisting closures. Happily I feel like I grok them a little better today than I did a week ago, so that’s progress. Two things stand out to me as new things I […]

Closures, Part 1

Another day, another day of Swift. For today’s 100 Days of Swift challenge, I learned a bunch about closures. For the most part, my experience with closures in Swift and Objective-C has been on the order of “this is a magic incantation, look it up on Fucking Closure Syntax or in a library every time […]


It’s a new day, which means another day of 100 Days of Swift. Today was all about functions. Like previous days, I knew the most obvious bits pretty well, but I still learned some useful tidbits. First of all, while I was aware of the _ syntax for omitting parameter names, I wasn’t explicitly aware […]