Cupcake Challenges

Posted on Sat 24 July 2021 in swift

I got a tad more 100 Days of SwiftUI done today, and did some more exciting work on my explorations with the Generative Design book in SwiftUI.

Once again the challenges were quite easy - perhaps I've already done enough Swift or SwiftUI, or perhaps I've used Codable a lot already. Or maybe Paul is keeping it simple so that we can build up some confidence. At any rate, the challenges were a breeze. The approach of wrapping struct with an ObservableObject to make Codable compliance on the struct simpler was fun to implement.

As far as the generative art stuff, I got a lot further in understanding 2d drawing with today's sketch, aligning many copies of an SF Symbol shape in a grid and using the touch location to scale and rotate each symbol.

Alignment in a grid with symbols, two