First Steps in Swift

Posted on Sun 09 February 2020 in swift

I'm tackling 100 Days of Swift again. Last time I tried it, I got sidetracked by personal stuff and bailed after a few weeks.

I've already shipped a few apps in Swift, so I'm not doing this to learn Swift from scratch. I'm trying to learn the useful patterns and good behaviors of a Swift developer. This year I expect most of my iNaturalist iOS work will be in Swift, so it's time to get good at it.

I had already forgotten about the _ separator in large literal numbers, it's very convenient for expressing large numbers like so: var inat_observations_count = 31_432_80.

I had also forgotten about multi-line strings. It seems similar to Python's triple-quote syntax for multi-line strings. Python's syntax supports single or double quotes, however, whereas Swift's must be double quotes.