Friendface Challenge

Posted on Sun 01 August 2021 in swift

We had a nice milestone day in 100 Days of SwiftUI today.

There was some helpful review of the topics we've covered the past two weeks, including a dive into Group vs AnyView and some insight into how to use JSONDecoder with custom key mappings. We also had a challenge to make a FriendFace app, which seemed a little daunting at first, but it was mostly just about using the skills we learned in the Moonshot project last week. I peeked ahead to see that tomorrow's challenge will be to migrate FriendFace to use CoreData. I'm looking forward that, since it's relevant to my work on iNat.

Today's generative art image is a glitch caused by a bug. It's always cool to see how software bugs can produce unexpected results when making generative art. To me, this is one of the ways that generative art intersects with printmaking.

Corridor glitch