Habit Tracker Milestone

Posted on Mon 19 July 2021 in swift

Oh man, what a crazy day today. I got another day of 100 Days of SwiftUI done, but the big change for me was having my first day back in the office since before COVID.

I had a lot of fun with the challenge today, but I struggled a little bit with incrementing the habit completion incrementer. Our ObservableObject activities is a class so it's mutable, and I can add and remove elements in its list of activities with no problem. But if each Activity is a struct, and that struct needs to have a modifiable element, then I guess we have to re-create the struct and re-insert it into the list? I definitely wasn't sure my implementation was ideal, but it works, so I guess I'm getting somewhere, right?

Meanwhile, I'm wrapping up my work on the Color chapter in the Generative Design book by re-implementing a few of the example sketches at the end of the chapter. Here's an example from my take on their Color Rules with Transparency sketch.

Color rules with transparency