More Core Data

Posted on Thu 29 July 2021 in swift

Welp, today was not much easier than yesterday. When this heartburn hits it's pretty bad, I think it results in acid burns to my esophagus. It makes for a terrible few days until it all heals up. In the meantime it's just painful. I kept up with 100 Days of SwiftUI though, and I did some more work on my SwiftUI iNat prototype.

A few new things today, I hadn't setup unique constraints in Core Data in a long time so that was a nice refresher, and I don't remember the last time I configured a moc's merge policy. I guess lately I've been using Realm more than Core Data.

I tackled another generative art sketch from the Generative Design book this afternoon. Swift helpers for CGRect like .offsetBy() and .midX are really coming in handy.

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