SwiftUI Consolidation

Posted on Sun 27 June 2021 in swift

Another day of 100 Days of SwiftUI - today was some consolidation and a challenge. We reviewed most of what we've covered the past few days, read about a few important things like making your own bindings using Binding(), and then did a Rock Paper Scissors game challenge. No code to share, nothing was really new to me, but it's cool to be a quarter of the way done with this 100 Days of SwiftUI thing.

I'm also working on an experimental re-write of the iNaturalist iOS app in Swift 5.5 and SwiftUI for iOS 15 (beta) alongside this 100 Days of SwiftUI thing, and I'm having lots of fun. It's great to have a real world project to work on as I go through these tutorials. It kinda reminds me of when I was first learning Swift and creating the Seek app.